After years of trying to find Phillip Polimeni, I finally got together with him in LA. Phillip was a very good friend of Tommy’s, and he had a private recording studio in his house in the Hollywood Hills. We had heard for years that Phillip had a bunch of pristine reel to reel tapes of Tommy’s that included jams, and acoustic song demos etc. Well, it was true. We worked out a deal with Phillip, got possession of all the tapes, and have now carefully gone over all of the material. The best of what was there is stunning. Incredible guitar playing, and some amazing acoustic and solo electric guitar song demos. We have created two CDs, one a two CD set of the incredible guitar jams, and a new Naked Volume II song demo CD. What is really special about this material is that most all of it has never been heard or circulated before. It is probably the last virgin Bolin music in existence. We are also proud to announce an historic new Collector’s Series CD, which presents Tommy’s last performance before his tragic death, taken from the only known first generation copy of an original audience recording.



Imagine you were part of Tommy Bolin’s inner circle of friends, and you could just come and hang out while one of the truly great guitarists jams with his buddies in a casual unpressured garage recording studio, going into all hours of the night. That is what this two CD set is all about. Taken from mostly unheard pristine first generation master reel to reel tapes, this collection gives you the most intimate experience of Bolin the guitarist as if he was playing just for you! Bob Ferbrache has again worked his digital magic in creating these two 70 minute discs. He has found the best moments of Tommy’s playing, and sequenced them into this incredible document. As usual, he has massaged the music to maximize the listening experience. Unlike songs, we cannot give you track names, although they do work through a variety of songs, and musical themes that are familiar to the faithful. Also, the tapes do not accurately reflect who the other musicians are, but Bobby Berge has offered comments about the players. For much of Tommy’s career he was playing a variety of roles, fitting into Deep Purple’s sound, fitting into The James Gang’s sound, even on Private Eyes he is playing a certain musical role. On these jams, we get the authentic honest true Tommy Bolin guitar style, and TONS of it! This is a huge statement of who his true musical self was. So if you have a passion for Tommy the guitarist, this is the CD for you.



In the process of reviewing all the first generation reel to reel tapes from the Glen Holly Studios cache that The Tommy Bolin Archives licensed from Phillip Polimeni, a treasure trove of song demos was uncovered. Most all of these versions and/or songs have never been heard before, and the fidelity is clear and crisp as if it was recorded yesterday! We were thrilled to find that the quality and quantity of songs easily justified the release of this new CD. The master has now been artfully created by Bob Ferbrache, and we can now share what it will contain. There are 15 songs, and three song idea snippets (interludes). Three versions of Post Toastee, one solo electric guitar with vocals, and two electric instrumental demos with guitars, bass and drums, all apparently played by Tommy! These are way cool! Four stripped down demos of well known Tommy songs: Sweet Burgundy, Gypsy Soul, The Grind, and Lotus and eight new songs, including Poker Chips, I Want You To Take Me There, Blues Gonna Take Me Away, Feel It’s Time For Love, the haunting They’re Gonna Let Me Die, You Can Depend On Me, Tears and Turpentine, Cool As Jade, plus the three interludes for a total of 52 minutes of fresh new Tommy Bolin song demos! They are all either Tommy singing with solo acoustic or electric guitar.