Denny and The Triumphs were formed in Sioux City, Iowa. Tommy joined them in 1964. The members were:

Dave Stokes: lead vocals
Brad Miller: guitar, vocals
Tommy Bolin: lead guitar (joined 1964)
Steve Bridenbaugh: organ, vocals
Denny Foote: bass
Brad Larvick: drums


When Tommy Bolin joined Denny and The Triumphs in 1964 the band were already an experienced group of teenagers organized by George Larvick, Sr., father of band members Brad and George, Jr.

The band first became aware of Tommy after guitarist Brad Miller saw him playing with his band the Miserlous. Miller enthusiastically advised the members of Denny and The Triumphs that they should add Tommy to the band. Tommy subsquently passed an audion for George, Sr. with flying colors and he was in.

The band played a mix of rock & roll, R&B and pop hits of the day, driven to shows throughout the region by George, Sr. The lineup lasted for some months before bassist Denny Foote was fired and the band changed it’s name to Patch of Blue with George Larvick, Jr. taking over Denny’s bass spot.

The following photos of Denny and The Triumphs were provided by Peter Zoernig. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

The following Denny and The Triumphs contract pages were provided by Peter Zoernig. Note that rhythm guitarist Brad Miller (who was later instrumental in getting Tommy to move to Denver) signed as leader. On other contracts band namesake Denny Foote signed as leader, so booking responsibilities are shown to have been split within the band.

The second page of the February 17, 1966 contract can be seen below.

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