(Scan submitted by Yvonne Osthausen, translation by Evelyn Mendoza)

Deep Purple is visiting for the third time for some recording sessions in Munich. Along is their newest band member, guitar player Tommy Bolin, it was his first trip ever to Europe.

What does an American do in Munich? He visits the Hofbräuhaus. Even the newest guitar player for Deep Purple, Tommy Bolin, does not make an exception. Barely in this Bavarian Metropolis for 24 hours, he had in front of him radishes and a giant stein with beer and he was taking part in “Good Old German Gemütlichkeit” (Gemütlichkeit means something like comfortable fellowship) while being entertained by a local traditional band.

Although the night before he was heavily celebrating his 24th* birthday and you only turn 24 once in a lifetime, he appeared promptly at 9 am for his meeting with POP. While strolling through the city he was experiencing beautiful impressions of the city, where he will, for the next few weeks, be making recordings at the studios here. Tommy was especially impressed by the many beautiful old buildings and on the Marienplatz (Marien Square) he was in awe of the beautiful architecture of the façade of city hall. “Wonderful! There is nothing like this in America!” he exclaimed.

Sightseeing makes thirsty and as soon as the Hofbräuhaus was in sight Tommy promptly had not one, but two large steins with beer in front of him. “Nowhere does it taste better than this” Tommy remarked between a couple of swallows of beer and a handful of radishes.

He was especially impressed by the small band playing Bavarian music and he said: “If I was a director I would really get the old men wound up, maybe even get my guitar out and play along. That would be some hot number: Deep Purple Live at the Hofbräuhaus.”

In a store nearby Tommy loaded up on souvenirs. He lugged a huge Beer stein back to the studio where his band member were able to admire it. It is supposed to remind him of his first visit to Munich. When POP (the newspaper) presented him a pair of Lederhosen (traditional Bavarian shorts made of leather) his joy had no bounds. Tommy: “On our next Germany Tour I will wear these on stage!”

*ARCHIVES NOTE: The article had Tommy’s age incorrectly reported as 27 rather than 24.

ARCHIVES NOTE: This article was written as Deep Purple was in Munich in July and August while recording Come Taste the Band.