by Luce Endz (Submitted by Tim & Teri Martin)

Tommy Bolin, usually dubbed ex-lead guitarist of Zephyr, is now the ex-lead guitarist of the James Gang. Bolin officially quit the Gang on August 27, 1974, though he had been mulling departure for quite some time. He cited “unhappiness” as his main reason for leaving, and said that the musical directions of the band members did not coincide.

Strangely enough, Bolin’s exit came almost simultaneously with the release of his second effort with the James Gang, Miami.

“I called my manager, Mike Belkin, in Cleveland and told him I was quitting,” Bolin revealed, “and he told me that I was shortchanging myself because of the band’s potential to make good money. I told him I wasn’t happy anymore and there wasn’t much he could say about that.”

Bolin is in the process of forming a new band and hopes to be appearing locally in the near future. The proposed band would consist of Mike Finnigan (of Finnigan and Wood) on keyboards and vocals, Stanley Sheldon on bass, Guille Garcia (Barnstorm) on percussion and Marty Rodriguez, a friend of Garcia’s from Cuba, on drums and vocals.

“I’d like to call the band Energy,” Bolin offered, “because that was the name of the best band I’ve ever been involved with. Right now I feel so inspired, it’s hard to believe. I’ve written about 20 songs in the last two days. I’d gone about four months without writing a thing.”

Bolin’s affairs will be managed by M.F. Bullet, a Chuck Morris/Barry Fey collaboration. Morris has gone as far as saying he may quit the club business altogether to take care of Tommy’s business full time.

Bolin is still under contract with Atlantic, but will try and get his release. “I want the new band to work together for a while, and when we’re ready we’ll probably play a week at Ebbets and invite every major record company to see us.

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